Vehicles with the following classifications may appear on your My Vehicles page.

A vehicle with a production status is found at the top of the My Vehicles page or on the Track My Vehicle page.

Until you take delivery of this vehicle, you will be able to delete it from your Garage.

BMW records will indicate you are the legal owner or lessee of a vehicle if your ownership has been confirmed; either through a retail sale from an Authorized BMW center or if you've successfully added the vehicle as the legal owner or lessee.

When BMW learns that you are no longer the legal owner or lessee of a vehicle, it will be removed from your Garage automatically. If you are also a BMW ConnectedDrive subscriber, however, the vehicle will remain in your Garage until you terminate your subscription.

If a vehicle is shown in error or if you sold a vehicle more than 35 days ago and still see it in your Garage, you may delete it to terminate the owner relationship. BMW communications related to this vehicle will no longer be sent to you.

You added this vehicle, indicating that you are not the legal owner or lessee.

You may delete this vehicle at any time.

A vehicle with an active BMW ConnectedDrive electronic subscriber agreement ("ESA") associated with you as the Primary or Secondary subscriber will appear automatically in your Garage. Alternatively, you can subscribe to BMW ConnectedDrive for any ConnectedDrive eligible vehicle already in your Garage.

If you are no longer associated with the vehicle and wish to terminate your BMW ConnectedDrive subscription, click Delete and follow the instructions.

If you terminate your BMW ConnectedDrive subscription and you previously added the vehicle to your Garage yourself, or are on record as the legal owner or lessee, the vehicle will remain in your Garage until you choose to also delete your relationship to the vehicle.

This vehicle was built to be sold outside of the United States. As such, there is limited information about it. This is expected and is not a site issue.

Vehicles displayed above are owned or driven by you, or a BMW ConnectedDrive subscription is linked to you and your vehicle. If a vehicle is shown in error, click delete for that vehicle. For owned or driven vehicles, you'll be asked to confirm that you are not the owner or no longer have an association to the vehicle. For vehicles with a BMW ConnectedDrive subscription, you'll be directed to disconnect your ConnectedDrive services. In some cases, both steps may be required. See Vehicle classifications for more details.

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